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Pain Management

Customized prescription compounding can provide pain relief through alternate methods of medication delivery. BioMed's expert team of pharmacists could formulate a combination of ingredients  in a topical cream, gel, or spray, allowing the medication to be delivered directly to the site of pain with potentially less side effects and less overall medication. Now you can Think Beyond The Pill.


BioMed’s compounded formulations provide very specific strengths and combinations of pain medications that are tailored to your individual needs. Some of the conditions we provide solutions for include: 


• Cancer-Related Pain 

• Post-Surgical Pain

• Cramps 

• Sprains

• Neuropathic Pain 

• Joint / Muscle Pain

• Arthritis / Inflammation 

• Migraine / Headache

• Sports Injury 
• Scoliosis
• Fibromyalgia 
• Carpal Tunnel







when you only need pain relief in one area


Your Pain is Complex! Although the number of treatment options for pain conditions has expanded, many patients continue to experience inadequate pain relief and side effects. Pain control is essential. Chronic pain is uncontrolled when it prevents patients from working, enjoying recreation or taking pleasure in their usual roles in the family and

society. Chronic pain management requires a tailored approach and customized treatment options to meet the specific needs of each patient. Topical and targeted pain medications are proving to be helpful in reducing pain and improving function in patients with a variety of pain conditions. These medications are customized to the unique pain symptoms of each individual.


Why medicate the entire body...

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