Vitality / Sex Drive

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Hormones affect many areas of your health, including mood,  metabolism, sexual and reproductive function. Unbalanced hormones can cause a variety of health concerns,

including the following:


• Hot Flashes
• Night Sweats
• Decreased Libido/Sex Drive
• Weight Gain
• Irregular Menstrual Cycle
• Moodiness
• Fibrocystic Breasts
• Painful Intercourse
• Vaginal Dryness


• Erectile Dysfunction & Low Libido
• Depression 
• Decreased Energy 
• Increased Abdominal fat 
• Reduced Bone Density 
• Anemia 
• Brain Fog  
• Aging Skin
• Aches & Pains
• Moodiness







Bio-Identical Hormones are those that are  identical in structure and function to the hormones produced in the human body. BHRT can be customized for each person’s needs. We can combine multiple hormones in a variety of strengths or dosage forms to increase compliance and decrease cost.


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How BHRT Helps Hormone Imbalance